Top Design Sketch Masters of 2023 Share Their Drawing Secrets

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4 min readMay 19, 2023
Carter Roy, Jason Sheldrick, Michael Webb, Pradnya Desai, Randy Smith, Rich Reed, Russ Tyson, Salwa Shafiq, Stephanie Stuart, Susan Knof, Tommy Sutanto

Curious how these designers and architects create their incredible Trace drawings? Today, Morpholio proudly unveils the Top Design Sketch Masters of 2023: a group of highly talented architects, landscape architects, and interior designers. For the first time, each designer reveals their drawing secrets to make awe-inspiring sketches. Check out their how to videos and eye-opening interviews below!

Tommy Sutanto

@tsutanto75 | National Technical Lead, BVN Architecture

“Design is a process of thought. A process that is communicated via drawing, which is an art of exploration, development, and documentation. It is an artwork.”

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Susan Knof

@knofdesign | Creative Director, KNOF Design

“My personal belief on drawing and design is all about connection. Connecting head and heart to hand and paper. Connecting lines, connecting ideas, connecting people. Architecture and design is about connecting the human-made built environment to its natural surroundings, connecting people to space. For me, the initial drawing and design process is best when an authentic hand-made approach is taken. There is no truer connection then when my pen in hand hits trace — the physical roll or on iPad with Morpholio.”

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Michael Webb, MLA

@landmello | Principal, Landmello LLC

“Drawing and design, my dynamic duo of creativity! Not only do they pique my curiosity, but they also transport me into a state of “deep flow” where I can truly immerse myself in the creative process. And let’s not forget their magical powers in cultivating fresh, innovative ideas and inspiring fellow creative to push the boundaries of design! It’s crystal clear to me that both drawing and design are rooted in the notion that innovation springs from individual creativity.”

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Rich Reed | Architect, Rich Design Studio

“Drawing and design is symbiotic like writing and speech, you can’t have one without the other. Drawing is simply the process of getting to a design. Drawing helps flush out ideas, communicate, explore, solve pragmatic problems and convey visual solutions. This can be through sketching, technical drawings, or artwork.”

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Russ Tyson

@russtyson.architect | Principal, Whitten Architects

“Design should evolve from a thorough knowledge of your client and their site. This understanding will inform constraints and generate ideas. As the ideas begin to flow, the direct articulation and immediate act of drawing is the best way to record or test what’s on our minds. While drawing, initial thoughts or unanticipated concepts will begin to take shape and we’re afforded the opportunity to visually share with others and gain their input.”

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Pradnya Desai

@the_sketchy.pen | Interior Designer

“As someone who loves the traditional drawing techniques, hand drawing for me remains an essential tool for initiating the planning and design process of a space. Through sketching, I am able to conceptualise my ideas and clarify my thoughts, while also comprehending the user interaction and visualise the functional aspects of my designs. Drawing thus helps me to document, explore and communicate my designs while also understanding the process as to how I arrived at the final solutions to meet the design requirements.”

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Carter Roy | Content Creator, Design It Green

“For me drawing and design is all about repetition and trial and error. So the more opportunities I can give myself and the more experiences that I have within the design and drawing space the better I can be. So if I can do something 1% better or learn 1% more than yesterday than I am improving in that regard.”

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Salwa Shafiq

@arch.sal | Architect

“For me, drawing is a crucial part of the design process. It allows me to communicate my ideas and vision to clients, contractors, and other members of the design team. Sketching and drawing by hand can also help me to think through design problems and explore different solutions.”

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Randy Smith

@randscaper | Landscape Designer

“Landscape design literally changes the world around you. Putting your ideas onto paper in a legible and interesting way is not easy, but is necessary.”

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Stephanie Stuart

@stuartdesignco | Principal Interior Designer

“Drawings are the key to sharing your vision and making sure your design can be executed. Starting with sketching helps the creativity flow.”

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Jason Sheldrick

@rocketteluster | Senior Project & Production Manager, Blanco Architecture

“For me, drawing is a way to think about how things are going to come together in the field; it helps me strengthen my understanding of the dynamics in a condition/detail and how it relates to the other conditions around it. Being a building envelope consultant I get to assist architects and general contractors integrate waterproofing systems and materials into difficult and highly customized designs. Drawing quickly and accurately helps me do that.”

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