Get to Know the Pros: Russ Tyson

Morpholio’s Top Design Sketch Masters of 2023

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2 min readMay 16, 2023

Russ Tyson is a extremely talented leader, designer, and sketcher. As a Principal at Whitten Architects, Russ starts each project with gorgeously textured hand-drawings made in Trace. Site plans are a favorite where he fuses the floor plan, landscape, Sun path, and wind patterns into a highly detailed story of the design. See how he makes each of his drawings and and get to know his thought process.

What is your personal belief on drawing and design?

Design should evolve from a thorough knowledge of your client and their site. This understanding will inform constraints and generate ideas. As the ideas begin to flow, the direct articulation and immediate act of drawing is the best way to record or test what’s on our minds. While drawing, initial thoughts or unanticipated concepts will begin to take shape and we’re afforded the opportunity to visually share with others and gain their input.

What is your favorite feature in Trace and why?

My favorite feature of Trace is its portability. It’s an endless flow of virtual ink, mobile drafting table, large format sketchbook, and roll of trace all in one. We can now seamlessly draw at home when required, sketch on ideas at a coffee shop with a client or colleague, and/or share Trace files back and forth with a collaborator from anywhere.

What is one piece of advice you would give other designers?

Find a group of people whom you can continue to learn, collaborate, and share with in a fulfilling design effort. It will be good for your heart and soul. While the ongoing teamwork will inspire creativity and innovation.

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