Get to Know the Pros: Stephanie Stuart

Morpholio’s Top Design Sketch Masters of 2023

morpholio trace
2 min readMay 16


Not only are Stephanie Stuart’s designs vibrant and luxurious as the Principal Designer at Stuart Design Co, she also has a ton of fun in her making each project come to life! Stephanie’s positive energy is infectious when you watch her videos and her design process is fully integrated with her drawing method. See for yourself in the her video and interview!

What is your personal belief on drawing and design?

Drawings are the key to sharing your vision and making sure your design can be executed. Starting with sketching helps the creativity flow.

What is your favorite feature in Trace and why?

My favorite feature is the drawing time lapse recording. I can post the videos of my sketches on social medial and engage followers in my process, design solutions and simply entertain them! I also send sketching videos with proposals and follow up communication to clients — they are huge hit!

What is one piece of advice you would give other designers?

Morpholio Trace will meet you where you are in your drawing journey; beginner to advanced. There are so many features to explore but you can keep it simple too — have fun with it and just start. And don’t forget to turn on the screen recording!

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