Top 20 Trace Sketches of the Month

Saad Pirzada, Q studio

Maria Volk, Designer

Joshua Gregg, Sketch Educator

Rodrigo Cavazos, Industrial Designer

Liza Xiong, Landscape Architecture Student

Terrence Young, Gensler Architecture

Attila Szekeres, Architect

Mike Heacox, Landscape Architect

Sean Gallagher, Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Stan Zhang, Illustrator

Jarek Potocki, Statek Ziemny

Amit Arya, Architect

Lucy Derbenko, Architect and Lecturer

Tommy Sutanto, Bates Smart

Ali Jaber, Architect

Michael Morrissey, Architect

Keisuke Kawasaki, EMOTIONAL GARDEN

Mike Thompson, Preservation Architect

Szymon Gruszecki, Sketch Artist

Ivan Potseluev, Architect




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morpholio trace

morpholio trace

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