Top 11 Architectural Sketch Educators

Today, in lieu of the top sketches of the month, we’re celebrating the “Top 11 Sketch Educators”. Check out the full article on ArchDaily here.

Morpholio Trace, the team who brought the architects’ canary yellow trace paper into the digital world, has been on a ten-year mission to help foster a drawing renaissance for Architects. “Drawing is a form of thought, and the iPad was crucial in re-centering sketching as a primary means of generating and sharing ideas.” says Mark Collins, Architectural Designer and Morpholio Co-Founder.

Today, ArchDaily celebrates this drawing resurgence with a look at those who have dedicated their careers to drawing exploration, advancement and most importantly…education! To start drawing alongside these renowned architectural sketch educators, download Trace here.


Meet the TOP 11 Sketch Educators:

Josue Gregorio, Architect, Mexico

One of the most prolific sketch architects around, Joshua has mastered the art of making an architectural drawing into a truly immersive experience. Inhabit his world and your own with the help of his captivating stencils in Trace.


Joshua Jones, Principal at Studio Zeren, USA

As the head of an award-winning non-profit design studio, Josh Jones communicates big ideas through drawing every day. He reminds us of the beauty of informative diagrams to convey the meaning and purpose behind his dynamic designs. Use his “Diagram and Architecture” palettes to rediscover the power of storytelling through sketching.


David Drazil, Architect, Czech Republic

Best known for the “Sketch Like an Architect” series, this dedicated author of three books on drawing is slowly becoming THE authority on sketch education. Learn from his pro kit of custom stencils and color palettes in Trace!


Barbara Dokshina, Landscape Designer, Russia

Barbara is taking site plan and landscape drawing to the next level by bringing the true ambiance of soft, inky watercolor into the digital space. Work your own magic with her unmistakable landscape stencils and subtle, watercolor-feel palettes.


Amin Zakaria, Architectural Designer, Malaysia

For Amin, drawing is a way of life and his “sketch every day” philosophy is clearly paying off. Amin pours the same level of beauty and care into every note, line, or detail. See how he makes every pixel count and try his signature color palettes in Trace.


Matthew North, Architectural Designer, Canada

Matthew is blowing minds with quick, fun space planning tutorials in his widely popular, “Plan Attack” series, coming soon to TV. Make smarter furniture layouts and conquer space planning with his custom stencils in Trace.


Carmen Gasalla, Architectural Designer, Spain

Carmen uses edgy hues and vibrant illustrations to demonstrate how clarity of form and purposeful color can make architectural drawings into ART. Here, she riffs on a masterpiece by Architect Stuart Franks turning it into a high contrast play of space and structure. Her stunning palettes are now available in Morpholio Trace for your own interpretation!


Bolt Mahitti Wongruchatanun, Landscape Architect, Land Sculptor Studio, Thailand

Bolt’s vast site plans overlay hand rendering with CAD precision to yield legible, scenic drawings that feel inhabitable. His straightforward, yet seductive, method makes it easy to comprehend complex projects at a glance. Try his well-tuned palettes in Trace over your own linework.


Ehab Alhariri, Principal Architect at 4Space Design, UAE

Ehab is well known for conceptual sketching, expressing dynamic ideas and big moves using a combo of layered digital drawings and bold diagrams. He uses color to bring materials to life and to cultivate the unique environment of every sketch. Try his palettes in Trace!


James Akers, Architect, Renderer & Professor, USA

One of You Tube’s most profound voices in drawing, Jim teaches you tips, tricks, and strategies for architectural thinking in the digital realm on his YouTube channel “iPad Drawing for Architects”. Check out his new video on how to draw in Trace!


Tommy Sutanto, BVN Architecture, Australia

Tommy proves with every drawing that the detail can be as beautiful as the entire building. He’s able to bring each element to life and express the ethos of an entire project in a single sketch.


Left to right, top to bottom: Amin Zakaria, Bolt Mahitti Wongruchatanun, Barbara Dokshina, Ehab Alhariri, David Drazil, Tommy Sutanto, James Akers, Joshua Jones, Josue Gregorio, Matthew North, Carmen Gasalla


Le Corbusier famously said, “I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and allows less room for lies.” These inspiring sketch educators demonstrate the power and truth inherent in hand drawing and prove the value of Corbu’s assertion. Congrats to these super-talents for keeping one of architecture’s greatest traditions alive!

What is Morpholio Trace — Sketch Cad?

Awarded ‘Best Apps’ for architects, landscape architects and interior designers, Trace is the dream architecture drawing software. Perfect with iPad and Apple Pencil, Trace combines the beauty and speed of sketching with the intelligence and precision of CAD. Whether you’re making initial project concepts, schematic sketches and design details or just working on site visits with construction administration and high-res PDF drawing set markups, Morpholio Trace is everything you need to be an architect, landscape designer or interior designer in one amazing app.

Welcome to your new favorite drawing app. Learn more about Morpholio Trace.

Why Morpholio Trace for Architects and Interior Designers?

Morpholio Apps are not only the best apps for architects, interior designers, engineers, urban planners and landscape architects, they also now work as a perfect compliment to, and seamlessly with, all of your favorite architectural and interior design software. This includes Autodesk AutoCad, TinkerCad, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Pinterest, Adobe Photoshop, Shapr3D, UMake and many more. In addition, your Apple iPad, iPhone and Apple Pencil will never be more exciting to use as Morpholio’s suite of drawing, design and mood board apps become even more essential in your design process.

Download Morpholio Trace for your iPad or iPhone.




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