New Pens in Trace!

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3 min readJul 5


Today, Morpholio launches a set of brand-new pens with incredibly realistic textures, dynamic fluid feel and fine-tune control! Don’t miss this sizzling update.

Update now!

5 Amazing New Pens

01. NEW Brush Nib Marker

Just like your favorite rendering marker, this brand-new pen makes the most dynamic strokes. Test out what happens when you change the speed and tilt of your Apple Pencil.

Drawing by Rodrigo Cavcal


02. NEW Charcoal

This Charcoal is so realistic, you might need to wash your hands after using it. It’s perfect for adding textured color to your drawings or creating charcoal masterpieces.

Drawing by Henry Gao


03. NEW Grease Pencil

Your new “go-to” pencil for quick concept sketches.

Drawing by Mike Morrissey


04. NEW Chisel Marker

The best marker for adding rich layers of color to any sketch.

Drawing by Michael Webb


05. NEW Fine Marker

With a brand-new tip and lively behavior, this marker feels like the real thing.

Drawing by Amin Zakaria


Bonus! NEW Pen Bleed Effect Control

You asked and we acted. You can now control the amount of ink spread for the Ultra Fine, Fine, Chisel Nib, and Brush Nib Markers.

Drawing by Thomas Kok


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We hope you enjoy these amazing new features! For a chance to be featured, share your drawings on Instagram and tag #MorpholioTrace!

What is Morpholio Trace — Sketch Cad?

Awarded ‘Best Apps’ for architects, landscape architects and interior designers, Trace is the dream architecture drawing software. Perfect with iPad and Apple Pencil, Trace combines the beauty and speed of sketching with the intelligence and precision of CAD. Whether you’re making initial project concepts, schematic sketches and design details or just working on site visits with construction administration and high-res PDF drawing set markups, Morpholio Trace is everything you need to be an architect, landscape designer or interior designer in one amazing app. Welcome to your new favorite drawing app.

Why Morpholio Trace for Architects and Interior Designers?

Morpholio Apps are not only the best apps for architects, interior designers, engineers, urban planners and landscape architects, they also now work as a perfect compliment to, and seamlessly with, all of your favorite architectural and interior design software. This includes Autodesk AutoCad, TinkerCad, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Pinterest, Adobe Photoshop, Shapr3D, UMake and many more. In addition, your Apple iPad, iPhone and Apple Pencil will never be more exciting to use as Morpholio’s suite of drawing, design and mood board apps become even more essential in your design process.

Download Morpholio Trace for your iPad or iPhone.