Morpholio Launches Trace with New RoomPlan Technology

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5 min readSep 18, 2023

This 3D drawing tool is a “Game Changer” for Architects & Designers

Drawings by Amin Zakaria + Joshua Gregg

This week, Morpholio is launching Trace with RoomPlan, an absolutely game changing technology for architects and interior designers. RoomPlan, utilizes the iPhone or iPad camera’s LiDAR scanner to create a 3D floor plan of a room, including key characteristics such as dimensions, furniture and more, and is now integrated into Trace.

In short, this means that you can take your iPad or iPhone and create floor plans or 3D room models in almost any interior space instantly and effortlessly.

“This is the fastest “scan to plan” experience we’ve seen,” says Mark Collins, Co-Founder of Morpholio. “Gone are the days of laborious measurements, reconstructed in CAD only to find missing data and inconsistencies.”

The age-old problem for architects and interior designers is that they not only need to dimension and model a space, they also must transfer all that information into a creative software to even begin the design process. With iOS 17 and iPadOS17, Morpholio is launching Trace with the brand new and insanely powerful RoomPlan feature. Trace now allows users to scan any space using RoomPlan, creating a live 3D model, to scale, that they can access inside the app. Trace’s design-specific drawing tools then allow users to create infinite views to sketch over.

“RoomPlan is going to be an absolute game changer for designers,” says Anna Kenoff, architectural designer, and Morpholio Co-Founder. “Imagine showing up at any job site, and being able to simply scan the space, throw down digital trace paper and start sketching on top in seconds.”

Trace with RoomPlan seeks to streamline the current as well as painstaking process–from field measurement to design–into a new easy and fluid workflow. For any office or individual, the value is not only the time saved in field measurement drawings and 3D modeling, but even more importantly the magic of being able to dive right into the process while the inspiration is fresh. It is the ultimate shortcut to both productivity and creativity.

“Putting design first, Trace has always championed hand drawing paired with digital tools like RoomPlan that allow creators to interact with the world they are shaping in efficient and intuitive ways,” says Toru Hasegawa, Morpholio Co-Creator.

Drawing by Amin Zakaria

How it works:

01. Scan

With Trace, hit “+” to start a new project and select “RoomPlan” to start scanning a room. Users will need an iPhone or iPad with a LiDAR scanner and iOS 17 or iPadOS 17. In an instant, Trace will have a 3D model to draw over and users can scan an entire house or space room by room. (Note: LiDAR available on iPhone 12 Pro or later and iPad Pro (4th gen) or later. Please refer to Apple.)

Model: Melissa Velarde


02. Set

Users will now have a live scanned 3D model inside Trace and the ability to create infinite views. Set a floor plan to scale, an axon to sketch over or a perspective to illustrate your design idea. Users can also set exact solar positions based on location for real shade and shadow with Trace’s “ShadowMaker” tool.


03. Sketch

Trace will automatically set your scale for elevations and plans; it will also automatically generate perspective grids to follow in a perspective view. Users can easily generate design options, dimensioned plans, sketch ideas, diagrams and more.

Drawing by Joshua Gregg


iPhone + iPad Together: A Smart Ecosystem

If your iPad does not have a LiDAR scanner most likely your phone will if it’s a 12 Pro or later. Simply scan your space with an iPhone and then AirDrop it to your iPad. Refer to Apple.


Exciting Additional Features

New and improved RoomPlan LiDAR scanning includes multi-room composite scans to create a single house or building model and recognition of more complex geometry such as sloped beams and ceilings.

Morpholio Trace with RoomPlan is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhones & iPad.

Get it here >

Check out the complete user guide or video tutorial to get started.

One more thing, see what else you can make with RoomPlan:

Drawing by Amin Zakaria
Drawing by Amin Zakaria
Drawing by David Drazil
Drawing by Michael Webb
Drawing by Bhupesh Malviya
Drawing by Amin Zakaria
Drawing by Joshua Jones
Drawing by Ruan Erasmus
Drawing by Amin Zakaria
Drawing by Melissa Velarde
Drawing by Salwa Shafiq
Drawing by Amin Zakaria
Drawing by Amin Zakaria

About Morpholio

Morpholio was founded by four architects who wanted smarter mobile tools for all phases of the design process. Their apps put designers first as they fuse the fluidity and speed of working by hand with the intelligence and precision of device technology. With users in over 150 countries, they have been recognized on numerous “Best Apps” lists.

The suite for iPad and iPhone, includes Trace, for sketching and drafting, Board, for mood and design boards, and Journal, a sketchbook for drawing. Morpholio believes that design tools should amplify the creative process, that thinking with your hands is critical, and that smart software should be accessible everywhere.