Morpholio Launches Smart Hatch

Drawing details, elevations, plans, and sections by hand just got a whole lot easier and light years smarter with Morpholio’s newly released “Smart Hatch” in the already popular Trace App. For centuries, the designers’ hatch filled drawing has been a hallmark of architecture’s sketch culture and an unmistakable vernacular still alive in the building community. From ancient engravings to the line work of the Renaissance to the efficiency of CAD, hatch work has and will always play a vital role in the way creatives communicate.

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For the millions of architects and designers who relied on drawing, the pain point of hatching is one where, unfortunately, the reward never exceeded the effort. CAD took the first step to solve this with hatch arrays that filled details and spaces with the click of a mouse. However, that luxury was never truly extended back into the realm of hand drawing and sketching…until now.

Today, Morpholio changes all that with “Smart Hatch,” propelling the hatch experience into a new era of digital hand drawing. As an addition to its already popular “Smart Fill” feature in Morpholio Trace, this incredible tool lets architects hand sketch intelligent details, plans, and sections effortlessly. Smart Hatch not only fills your drawing with the beautiful sketch style hatch you desire, but it actually calculates the areas for you. Current hatches available for the initial launch include line and cross hatches, dot hatches, material patterns, and much more. And coming soon, Morpholio will allow users to import their own custom hatch patterns.

“Good hatch work not only brings both textural beauty and depth to a drawing, it conveys technical insight about detail and materiality” says Joey Swerdlin, Morpholio Community Director. “Morpholio’s new “Smart Hatch” translates the speed of CAD hatching into the beauty of a digital hand sketch in a new, bespoke, and really fun way.”

How does it work?

To use “Smart Hatch” simply start sketching, with any drawing or over any background image. Move the “Smart Hatch” target to the region you want to fill. Users can also set the drawings to scale if they want that area calculated. Drawings will not only preview a hatch, but users can also adjust the hatch tolerance, scale, color, opacity and more. View more in a quick tutorial here.

Things you can Smart Hatch:

Hatch specific materials in your details and sections like steel, wood, concrete, sand, and more.


Hatch facades, walls, and interior surfaces with panels, shingles, modules and other creative textures. Don’t forget users can even calculate facade areas for material budgets.


Hatch floor plans, site plans, or unit plans with multiple flooring, materials, and textures. Or use hatches for diagrams and program designations.


And of course, let’s not forget depth, shade and shadow.


Drawing is the language of architects as they transform ideas into reality. As we all wrestle with the importance of a paperless future balanced against the architect’s need to hand draw, we seek smarter solutions through technology. Now, with tools like the apple Pencil, iPad Pro and “Smart Hatch” any architect can generate beautiful, legible drawings and details that are shaped by imagination and the free flow of ideas from mind to hand.

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