Major Design Event uses Morpholio Trace on iPad Pro

Morpholio Trace was honored to be the design software used for the Nike On Air Studio Made: Future Court design event in Shanghai. Five design students were hand-selected by Nike to imagine the future of the basketball court. To do this, Nike also established a new standard for design by using iPad Pros with Morpholio Trace; both reducing paper waste and incorporating the latest AR technology into the design process.

Arthur Huang of Miniwiz mentors candidates

Sponsored by Nike, the goal of the project was to make sport a daily habit by building a 365-day basketball court for the youth of Shanghai to play on as a way to help further build their community. Over a two week span, five candidates from Tongji University and Dong Hua University came together to produce three incredible court design ideas using iPad Pros and Morpholio Trace.

Today, Nike revealed these ideas and has opened voting to all Shanghai ballers to select their favorite design. You can vote here and the winner will be built in 2020!

To help the project, Star Landscape Designer and Morpholio influencer Jason Yu of Terrain Studio worked with the candidates as the Everyday Mentor. Jason also worked alongside all-star designers from prominent sneaker designers to innovative architects. The other Mentors included James Bond of Undefeated, Arthur Huang of Miniwiz, and Alex Mok of Linehouse.

Candidates included Chemgyan Li, Industrial Design student at Tongji University; Ren Jiaxuan, Environmental Design student at Tongji Univeristy; Can Yanni, Environmental Design and Design Creativity student at Tongji University; Boo Fashion Design student at Dong Hua University; and Rice, Fashion Design student from Dong Hua University.

Alex Mok of Linehouse works with designers
James Bond of Undefeated offers advice to designers



Concept 1

Name: The Equort
Tagline: 1 court, unlimited ways of play for all athletes.

Idea and story: Imagine a future court destination where you can dream up multiple ways of play and actually do it. Fueling this dream and the love of the game, this ‘equalizer’ court, inspired by DJ turntables, leans on sustainable materials, unique graphics and an underground rotating mechanism to create an equal battleground for all athletes. Whether it’s playing on reused Shanghai floors or on Nike regrind or on concrete, this rotating court can be unlocked and remixed to create various distinct games and experiences. In addition to the rotating court, the basketball hoops can also be adjust into the proper height based on the athletes’ needs. Here, the motto is: if you can imagine it, you can create it and play it.



Concept 2

Name: SpaceketBall
Tagline: Pulsating LED court and music brings a new dimension to the game.

Idea and story: the game has evolved. It’s younger and faster, challenging athletes to ‘be the proof.’ This court pays homage to the games of the past but nods defiantly towards the games of the future with a space corridor showcasing iconic Shanghai basketball moments that teleports our players through time. The space corridor connects to a fitting room capsule. Pulsating LED court lines mark the shot clock and mood lighting on the court that’s surrounded by a sky bridge to accommodate the fans. The sky bridge has pockets of viewing pods and a live DJ booth to create an immersive, transformable and unforgettable court experience.



Concept 3

Name: “PlayBall” Arcade
Tagline: Interconnected game rooms help players level up their skills.

Idea and story: For this ‘future court’ concept, we deconstructed basketball into a few important elements: dribble, shoot and coordination. We surround the center court with modular rooms that focus on building up those skills. From a hoops wall where you can practice your 3-point shot to a bouncy grind ground room space where you can practice dunking. We will set up a series of interconnected stairwells to fine tune your dribble game. There will also be mind & body rooms to help you focus on your coordination.
This ‘deconstructed’ future court, powered by athletes’ kinetic energy and built using sustainable materials, lets us to also imagine a new way of play. In the future, the game might look very different than it does now. So, a return to the pure fundamentals might be the only constant moving forward. Which also allows everyone to enjoy the charm of basketball. Bring basketball to people and make it a lifestyle!

Check out the video below for more:

Morpholio would like to give a special thank you to Nike for their amazing support of students, design and of course Morpholio Trace.

Learn more about Morpholio Trace.

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