How To…Use “Project Settings”

morpholio trace
2 min readApr 15, 2018

Want more control of your drawings and the ability to record your magic? Meet the “Wrench”! Below is a quick “How To” guide for your Project Settings. Drawings by master illustrator Jim Keen. To get the Wrench, make sure that you have updated both your iOS and Trace to the latest versions!

01. Set Your Scale

Set the scale of your drawing and change units to metric or imperial. Learn more here.


02. Video

Want to make an Instagram video? Record your project or sketching; then share it with the world.

03. Configure Your Preferences

Turn drop shadows for each layer on or off, toggle 90 and 45 degree snaps on or off for tool and layer rotation, or restore the default palettes. Note: You can turn on Pencil Only Drawing in the main Trace settings for all projects. No more accidental palm and finger lines!


04. Need More Help?

We got your back! Find user guides, how to videos and more here…

Learn more about Morpholio Trace.

Download Morpholio Trace for you iPad or iPhone.