How To…Make a Flip-Book Portfolio in Morpholio Journal

Just like the Morpholio app, you can collect your images to make an amazing portfolio in Morpholio Journal. Even better, you can add titles, captions, and sketch notes and ideas on each page of your portfolio! Check out the steps below to transform your Journal into a stunning flip-book portfolio!

Step 01. Get Journal

Download Morpholio Journal in the App Store here.


Step 02. Add Your Images

Tap the “Add Items” icon on the bottom toolbar. Then hit the “Image” icon on the top toolbar to add images from your Photos library, camera, Cloud Storage, or the web.


Step 03. Layout Your Portfolio

Arrange your images as you like — the possibilities are endless!


Step 04. Add Text, Notes, or Draw!

With Journal, you can add titles, captions, annotations, or sketch out ideas that are inspired by your portfolio images.


Step 05. Present Your Work

Just like Morpholio, you can display your photography, architectural designs, and any of your creative work in a beautiful, flip-book portfolio!


Learn more about Morpholio Journal.

Download Morpholio Journal for your iPad or iPhone.