How To…Make a Custom Color Palette

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2 min readDec 31, 2018


Do you have signature colors you love? Or, do you have an image or sketch that inspires a color palette you want for your drawings? Meet the new Palette Maker and Color Eyedropper. Below is a quick “How To” guide for creating your very own custom color sets. Drawings by Master Illustrator Jim Keen.

1. Add a New Palette

In Color Palettes, tap “+” to create a new palette. Then, make sure that palette is checked as the current palette. Hint: To name your palette simply tap the name. Not seeing these buttons? Ensure you have the latest update here.

2. Switch to Color Mode

Tap “Colors” at the bottom of the palette popup to discover colors by color wheel, eyedropper or color reference number. Tip: Use eyedropper with any background image or sketch to pick those colors.

3. Pick Color

Use the Eyedropper or Color Wheel to find the colors you want. Then simply tap any blank square to fill it with your selected color. Repeat process to get all the colors you want.

4. Organize

Press and hold any color to move or rearrange. You can also rearrange palettes or swap colors between them.

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