Can’t get your Trace subscription to work? Here’s what to do!

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1 min readFeb 13, 2021


Did your subscription stop working all of the sudden and you can’t access your Pro features? Below are a few steps to get your subscription working!

Special Note: If you just downloaded Trace on a new device, you can follow the instructions HERE to get it working! Also, this will work for your Morpholio BOARD subscription too!

Drawings by Rodrigo Cavazos.

01. Check Your Subscription in the App Store

You MUST be using the same iTunes account that you originally purchased Trace with for this to work! You can check it HERE. If you don’t see Trace listed, check to make sure you are signed into the correct Apple ID account. If you see Trace listed, move the next step!

02. Restore Subscription

If you do see your subscription, open the app and tap “Restore Subscription” when the Subscription Store pops up. Then restart your device.

03. Still not working?

If this doesn’t work, contact us by opening the project page in the app, tap “?”, then “Report a Problem”. Next tap “Contact Us” and submit web form.