5 New Trace Features You Need to Know

Upon your many requests, we’re proud to introduce the following five new features! And… there are many more to come.

01. One Finger Pan

You can now keep your scale tools set while panning around your drawing! When drawing with an Apple Pencil, use one finger to easily pan around without zooming! Tap “Pencil Only Drawing” in settings on the project page. Then, toggle “One Finger Pan” on!


02. Super Undo

Undo speed has gotten a TURBO boost and is now one of the fastest of any sketch app! Hint: Don’t forget to turn on “Undo/Redo Gestures” in settings on the project page. Then, tap with two fingers to undo and tap with three fingers to redo.


03. Option Maker

Want to study multiple iterations of a design? Now you can duplicate an original sketch within a project, turn it into different options, versions or schemes and export as a single PDF! Simply tap the “PDF Manager” button and then “Edit”.


04. Pro PDF Tools

PDFs have received an upgrade in export quality for new Pro devices as well as some new tools. Tap the “PDF Manager” button to open your PDF preview then “Edit.” Hint: Press & hold to rearrange the page order.

And… Wait for it

05. New Image Opacity!

That’s right! You can now change the opacity for imported photos, drawings or any other image. Tap “…” on the layer and then “Image Opacity.”


Lastly, here’s a bit of insight into our design process: We’re a super active team of just seven architects and designers! Because of that, you play a major role in our team and we always listen to your input. Your prioritizing new features that we add to the app. On that note, we would also REALLY appreciate your support in the form of a five star App Store review. Each one means the world to us! Here’s a link to add a review: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/morpholio-trace-sketch-cad/id547274918

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