3 New PDF Tools That Will Change Your Life

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3 min readMar 31, 2024


We know how much you love working with PDFs in Trace so we’re making your workflow even easier. Below are 3 brand-new tools that will streamline PDF navigation and editing whether you’re working in the office, on site, or on the go. Plus, don’t miss the exciting new bonus features at the end!

NEW PDF Tools!

01. New Quick PDF Slider

Jump to any page in your PDF with a single tap or slide your Pencil or finger to find the exact page you need.

Drawing set by Juan Téllez

Pro Tip: Hide the PDF Slider

To clear your screen while drawing, tap the handle on the PDF Slider to minimize it to the bottom left corner. When you’re ready to change pages, tap the Stacked Pages icon to open the PDF Slider again.

Drawing set by Mike Morrissey


02. Adjust Thumbnail Size

Get the perfect size thumbnails for viewing and rearranging your pages.

PDF Set by Janelle Brookes


03. New Edit Tools

To rearrange your pages in the exact order you need, select the page you want to move and then tap the Move Page icon on the bottom. You can also duplicate, delete, or export the selected pages.


NEW Bonus Features!

01. New Protractor Lock

This was one of the most-requested features! Tap the new lock button to maintain the protractor’s size and placement as you pan and zoom in and out.

Drawing by Leslie Davis


02. New Ruler Functions

Now, you can set a precise angle and mirror the ruler.

Drawing by Elisa Melarosa


03. New Import Image Crop

When you import an image, get new precision control over your crop with updated interaction and a new grid overlay.

Drawing by David Drazil

We hope you enjoy these amazing new features! For a chance to be featured, share your drawings on Instagram and tag @Morpholio!

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