10 Mind Bending Architectural Photographers You MUST Follow Now

Architectural Photography fundamentally lets the world see our design in a way never imagined or perhaps, in a way we always hoped one could imagine. But not all! Some of them, the few, the truly gifted… bend our perception architecture in a way we never dreamed possible. These Photographers generously launch us to that euphoric level with them and we are all forever grateful for their invaluable contributions to world of architecture. Morpholio is proud to share our list for Instagram’s 10 Most “Mind Bending” Architectural Photographers.

SO… if you are not already following them, it’s time to catch up.

01. Philipp Heer

02. Dirk Bakker

03. Minh T

04. Steven Ng

05. Serge Najjar

06. Roc Isern

07. Mikhail Vassiliev

08. Johan Tägtström

09. Fabian K

10. Mads Maj-Sälzer

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